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HANC makes a peaceful exit – SF Rec & Park Dept builds new “community” with violence and force

On January 4th at daybreak, Sheriff’s Deputies descended on 780 Frederick Street to evict HANC.  They found HANC had already been cleared out for a day.  What remained were 50 garden beds, a greenhouse, and supporters who spent the night as a statement against the controversial eviction.  Sheriffs handled things with compassion and pragmatism, giving supporters time to leave and offering many ears to listen to their woes.  It was a sad but proud moment, no arrests were made, no violence took place.

On January 7th, Rec and Park began to take control of the space.  They feebly offered twenty minutes to supporters to remove their greenhouse, then locked them out.  Afraid of the greenhouse being destroyed, some folks ventured back on scene to remove organic and native plants and protect the greenhouse from destruction.  It was not dark.  Park Rangers had the authority and ability to ticket the individuals as is customary in these situations.   Instead, SFPD was immediately called to the scene to take the people down with force and violence.  Captain Corrales of Park Police station came down himself and was the first officer to initiate violence by lunging at a man harvesting plants.  He proceeded to direct his men to break glass, tear apart the greenhouse and drag out the peaceful house sitters to be arrested.

HANC makes a peaceful end to decades long public service and Rec Park takes a violent approach in starting their community garden.

Stay tuned for more this week as we continue to document the way Rec and Park chooses to build community in Golden Gate Park.

For more coverage of the eviction see Carolyn Tyler’s story on ABC 7 by clicking the link below.  She was the only mass media outlet who showed up on the ground to cover this very important story.

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Getting rid of Homeless means getting rid of Veterans


Phil Ginsburg and the antagonists of our center have openly said that part of their goal in closing the Haight Recycling center is too prevent homeless people from having access to cash through recycling.

While our recycling center serves people who have nothing and people who have everything (see Danny Glover video, for ex.), we are still shocked at the open and vulgar attacks on those who don’t have homes.  We want to remind folks out there that 1 in 4 homeless men are Veterans.

Do you want to support a Park that prioritizes the removal of services that Veterans rely on?  If you take away recycling at our place to curb homelessness in the park, you are directly affecting the well being of Veterans who may rely on this income.  Is that how our city repays our nation’s protectors?

When you discriminate against homeless, you discriminate against Veterans.  Tell those loud privileged people to practice a little humility and have a little respect for the people who sacrificed so we could live freely.

Stay tuned for our next video that documents the homeless folks that sleep at McLaren Lodge every night-that’s Phil Ginsburg’s office.  In fact, McLaren lodge is a magnet for homeless campers, maybe it should get evicted, too?

Vote NO on Prop B Nov 6-We can heal our parks without a blank check for bad leaders with private interests.

Prop B is a $195 million bond for the Recreation and Parks department in San Francisco.  The leadership at Rec and Park would like you to vote to bestow this money upon them with no accountability to how it will be spent.  So, it really comes down to a matter of trust.  Do you trust the leaders in this department to do good things with the money or do you have reservations about the direction Rec and Park is heading?
Aaron Peskin, former Board President, and co-author of the last park bond in 2008, says you should think twice before voting for this one.  At a HANC general meeting last week, Peskin spoke passionately and with great candor about the upcoming park bond and about his work to make sure it does not pass.  NO on Prop B, says Peskin.  Look at the centers that lay unused and empty due to mismanagement of funds right now, look at the dire condition of Coit Tower and the need to pass a measure to protect it from further denigration.  Look at the astro-turf policies that will convert grass to plastic at the west end of Golden Gate Park, and the $7 fee for anyone who is not San Franciscan to enjoy the botanical garden and arboretum that has already been paid for.  Look at the proposal to evict our ecology center, Kezar Gardens, built with revenue from green jobs and recycling and replace it with a different one that will cost $1.5 million dollars of the taxpayer’s money, according to most recent reports.

Take another look at the leadership in our Rec and park department and ask yourself if they are really listening to the needs of the community or just a few well-endowed voices.  Let’s clean up Rec and Park before granting them more public money that is spent on private interests.

No On B Coalition

VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION B — Save Our Parks, Stop The Mismanagement of Our Money!

Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods

Committee Against Park Mismanagement

Friends of Ethics

Golden Gate Park Preservation Alliance

Good Government Alliance

Haight Asbury Neighborhood Council

Potrero Hill Boosters

Potrero Hill Democratic Club

San Francisco Coalition for Children’s Outdoor Play, Education and Environment

San Francisco Taxpayers Association

San Francisco Tenants Union

San Francisco Tomorrow

Sunset Parkside Education & Action Committee (SPEAK)

Take Back Our Parks

Wild Equity Institute

Former Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin (President 2005-2009)

Former Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez (President 2003-2005)

Former Board of Supervisors President Quentin Kopp (President 1976-1978, 1982-1983)

Human Be-In Then and Now

Sit down with Diamond Dave and Soumyaa Kapil Behrens as they discuss the history of the Hippie Revolution and the first Human Be-In at Golden Gate Park in 1967 on Mutiny Radio.  Diamond Dave was there, at the start of the movement, and will be streaming his show on Mutiny Radio live from the event this weekend.

The Human Be-In kicked off as a “gathering of the tribes” in January of 1967.  This weekend, it will be re-created by a group called the Space TranSFormers.  They hope to raise awareness about the outrageous eviction of Kezar Gardens, the redevelopment plan for Hayes Valley Farm and the removal of the Free Farm in San Francisco. They will openly protest the leadership of the Recreation and Parks Department, namely Phil Ginsburg who has been heavily criticized for pandering to private interests regarding park land governance.

Back in 67, Allen Ginsberg was a beat-nick leader in the movement to live freely, humanely, creatively and passionately; today Phil Ginsburg reasserts that name into a symbol of corruption, power politics, and privatization.  So, if you are going to San Francisco this weekend, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair and and write your lawyer’s number in the pages of your copy of HOWL.  In this Ginsberg v Ginsburg battle of ideology, don’t expect anyone to play fair.  Will love and inclusiveness conquer all?  Or, will it finally be trampled down by hate and exclusive societies who do not care to share?

The conversation goes on all weekend.  Kick off the dialogue with the local band Classical Revolution 3pm Friday September 14th at ground zero: 780 Frederick Street.  Make some love, make some community, make some gardens, and make some history while you are at it.

For more information including schedules: