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Last days for HANC recycling and Kezar Gardens



Friends, Supporters and Opponents of HANC recycling center:

Tomorrow, DEC 29, 2012, will be the LAST DAY of BUYBACK RECYCLING at 780 Frederick Street

Sunday, DEC 30, 2012, will be the LAST DAY of ALL RECYCLING at 780 Frederick Street

We expect the SHERIFF sometime next week.

Thank you all who did support and participate in this generations long community effort.  It was one that hacked away the thick brush of politics and created a definable path towards more awareness, environmentalism and equality in the city of San Francisco.  It will be very missed-we know not yet how much.  Bring by your last load of recycling this weekend and take part in something on the brink of history.  We will be collecting your recycling and your stories for the next few days in the yard at 780 Frederick.  Please come by!  We hope to document all the last nomads that find their way through our space before we have to move on.

Ananda & Tolula RedBullCans

We also really hope to find homes for at least some of the community gardens and respective gardeners.  If you can host a gardener and their plants at your garden, please let us know!  Email and we will coordinate.  It would be a huge success to find at least 10 gardens and gardeners who do not have outdoor space at home a place to continue growing.

Row of Radish Shooting Peas

Chinese Recycling Defended at City Hall


Last Monday, District 5 Supervisor, Christina Olague, held a special hearing during the City Operations and Neighborhood Services committee meeting at City Hall.  The topic was recycling and the issue was stealing.  Stealing from recycle bins is a major threat to Kezar Gardens’ recycling operation.  KG is often blamed for theft and the city is in the process of evicting the center as a measure to curb poaching from blue bins in the Golden Gate Park area.  The hearing was an important discussion that help illuminate and differentiate the types of recycling happening in the city and separate recycling centers from the stealing conversation.  Part of that success was due to Kezar Gardens staff member, Wei Ze Wu.  Wei Ze speaks three different Chinese languages and was hired to help facilitate the overwhelming numbers of Chinese recyclers that patronize Kezar Gardens every single day.  He speaks in his native Cantonese using a translator and tells the officials about the Chinese who recycle and how his own job will be in jeopardy if the recycling center is closed down.  Hear his testimony on today’s video blog.