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At SF City Hall-one hand does not talk to the other



One arm of city government plans emergency hearings on the lack of recycling in SF, another arm evicts the oldest recycling center in the urban area.  The hypocrisy of SF is not only brimming with cruel irony but will also have a hugely negative impact on recycling mandates, small businesses, and communities who garden.

Please come out to City Hall tomorrow from 2-4pm and hear the the urgent discussion with the Small Business Commission on the lack of recycling available in SF.  Agenda item 6  covers the convenience zone areas and will deal with this issue.  On Dec 10, there will be a full board meeting on this as well.

The Recreation and Park Department refuses to work with any other city agency on this issue and are quite comfortable costing hundreds of business owners-big and small-and thousands of San Franciscan citizens-huge sums of money so they can build a tax-payer funded garden for forty people who pre-reserved their spots in this very, very fancy new space.  The Rec and Park garden has no final budget and no published time line-there has been no advancement of work on the plan that is now over two years old.

When our native plant nursery founder and a number of community gardeners expressed their concerns to Sarah Ballard, they were only met with the uncharitable and inequitable answer that Rec Park plans to tear up the the asphalt and the gardens and not to offer any spaces to people who have been growing there for a year now. 

Between the lack of recycling and the lack of gardens in this city, there is no rhetorical way to justify removing a nonprofit that provides both.  But the Rec and Park Department does not care to justify their work on behalf of the city and its citizens, they also do not care what the needs of the city are, they operate with autonomy and they like it that way.  It’s their party and they will cry and take their toys home if they want to.

As of today, the Sheriff has not come to shut us down as Rec and Park would have wanted.  We don’t know how much longer we have but its up to our leaders to speak up about this issue NOW.

Eric Mar-hear our call and make a bold statement about a place that serves the community you represent!  We need your leadership NOW.  Protect the unheard voices of Chinese people and other Asians that help sustain themselves through recycling at our center.  Speak for them!


And PEOPLE, demand Sarah Ballard, Marvin Yee and Phil Ginsburg uphold the process they agreed to when this garden plan was initiated.  There is to be an advisory council made up of the public that advises Rec and Park how to proceed with their plan.  Why is the Advisory Council not in session?  Demand they reinstate this policy advising body immediately!  The advisory council should be making recommendations on the current gardeners status and future in the space not an autonomous Rec and Park Department.







SF Doc Fest opens this weekend: 780 Frederick sneak peek Saturday

The 11th annual SF Doc Fest kicks off this weekend and runs through Nov 21st.  We are happy to be a part of the fest this year.  Come by the Roxie Theater, Saturday Nov 10th at 12:30pm and take a look at our docu-noir in the making called 780 Frederick.  We will present exclusive clips and host a panel discussion with stakeholders about the process of gentrification in the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood and the battle against the eviction of the only recycling center located in Golden Gate Park.  Take part in the discussion and take part in the history of San Francisco as it happens.  We hope to see you there.


more details are available at the link below.

So far, so good…no eviction notice YET

In the 2 years long legal battle to keep our recycling, garden and native plant center alive, we have bought months, weeks, and now we buy days, even moments.  Last week, our Lawyer told us to expect an eviction posting by Thursday, Sept 26, at the latest.  We watched and we waited and we galvanized the community and the notice did not come.

It is customary for a Sheriff’s eviction to post notice 5-6 days before attempting to evict.  We really don’t know why we were spared this week but we are trying to find out.  With the help of Supervisor Olague and her staff, we have made a plan to create a future everyone can live with.

Will it work out?  Time will tell many tales, for now, just hope for the best.  We are counting on you Supervisor Olague-help us all find a solution to keep this community resource viable!  Thank you and everyone in this community for your unwavering support!

Olague on Sit/Lie and Urban Agriculture Events

Stop by Kezar Gardens Mon-Sat from 9-4pm or Sun from 12-4 and talk to Greg about taking home some SF native plants for FREE!  Limit 5 per person.  Plants include Yarrow, Douglas Iris, Native Grasses, Gum Plant, Coastal Buckwheat, Pink Currant, and more!
Aguilegia Formosa
TUESDAY: Aug 14th, 6pm-8pm, Happiness Institute 1720 Market St. (btw Octavia & Gough)

SF Urban Agriculture Alliance (SFUAA) August Social Potluck

Every couple of months, we take a break from meeting agendas to do an awesome potluck and get to hang out with all the fantastic SFUAA members. That’s happening THIS TUESDAY!
Actually, we will have 1 exciting discussion item: Bill Barnes and his intern Amy from the City Administrator’s Office will be joining us to talk about the recently passed urban ag legislation, and answer our questions about next steps. Yay!


SIT/LIE Discussion

District Five Supervisor Christina Olague will hold a community discussion on the recent policy implementation of the SIT/LIE ordinance.  Come out to the Library to connect with others in the area about how SIT/LIE has affected them since it became a law.  Be heard and listen to the voices of others this Wednesday night.  Supervisor Olague will be in attendance to share her thoughts and hear yours.  Free to attend!

Local stand-up comedian, Nato Green, opines about the issue in a recent show.  His views are absolutely his own and do not represent Supervisor Olague or Kezar Gardens but give some insight into the type of debate going on around this policy.  Check out the video below and get a giggle by the way he reasons through the sit/lie policy in his head and graciously shares it with us all.



Get your hands dirty in our community garden and native plant nursery.  Join a group of local gardeners who collaborate to beautify the space, work in communal gardens, as well as share harvests and tips on a healthy gardening.  The workday is a potluck, where everyone brings a little something to share.  It also includes an informal meeting to discuss issues current and imminent to the garden group.  There is no cost to attend and everyone is welcome!



A self described homeless woman, Andrea, has lived on the streets of San Francisco for five years.  She used to work and recycle at HANC to subsidize her income and when she became homeless recycling was her main source of money for awhile.  Now, she has a garden plot in the Kezar Community Garden and volunteers with SF Oceanedge that helps protect wildlife near the beaches.  She spends her time reaching out to homeless youth, giving away PB&J’s and laundering clothes from the trash to hand out to people in need.  She also enriches her life with all SF has to offer.  From the Legion of Honor to Stern Grove to the MOMA, Andrea strives to keeps up with culture, too.  Smart, sweet and articulate, she also has very strong opinions on the unofficial war on homeless people in our city.  Listen to her thoughts in today’s video.