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Keep Calm and Recycle On


We are still in the heat of battle against the eviction notice delivered to the ecology center on Thursday.  The leaders of HANC met today and people are working hard to spread the word about this terrible injustice that is in direct opposition to the mandates of the Bottle Bill, Zero Waste and this year’s newly passed Urban Agriculture Ordinance.  We have enlisted the support of our Supervisor in DIstrict 5, Christina Olague as well as Eric Mar from District 1 to help get us all back on track.

We ask that our supporters keep spreading the word via email lists, blogs and social networks.  If you can use the hashtag #StopKezarEviction, we can locate your work out there, too.  We also ask that you take a moment to call your local Supervisor and the Mayor to express your concern over these recent events.  It really seems the only civilized way to resolve great difference is through compromise and that is all we are asking for.  There are many, many users and supporters of recycling, gardening and native plant restoration that will be impacted if this center is not relocated.  Currently, the Recreation and Park Department has no plan to let the innocent gardeners keep their plots.  The Rec Park plan only has about 40 plots-so whenever they finish with all the wasteful construction-they will house far fewer gardeners than are currently there.

As we strive to right this wrong, please do the same.  Don’t throw in the towel just yet-from great need comes great invention and there may be a way to turn this into a win-win for everyone if we put our minds to it.  And, continue to recycle.  Bring in your bottles and cans and leftover cardboard as a revolutionary act!  Leave behind some used cooking oil and old shoes for the free table in the spirit of this good cause.

Keep calm and recycle on!

You can reach the Mayor at

Take a picture of yourself and your revolutionary act of recycling or gardening at Kezar Gardens Ecology Center and send it him as soon as you can!  Together we can demand that our city lives up to its promises of zero waste and more urban agriculture.

Onwards and Upwards!

And check out this great piece on the chaos by Jonathan Farrell:

Celsius & Beyond: Science Crazy Kids learn at Kezar Gardens


The science based educational organization for kids K-9, Celsius & Beyond, came by for an educational tour at Kezar Gardens Ecology Center recently.  They probed site manager, Charlie Lamar, about plastic, glass and indigenous things.  A spirited group of head scratchers and toe tappers, they demonstrated knowledge and curiosity, as any great scientist is wont to do.  At C&B, they have a pretty serious program, employing teachers from the best schools in the area including UC Berkeley, UCSF, San Francisco State and Stanford.  They set their standards high and we thank them for including us in their quest for excellence in science education opportunities.  I learned a lot from the tour with this group.  Check out today’s video and you might also learn a thing or two!

If your school or summer camp group is interested in an education tour of Kezar Gardens, please email to arrange a time!  For more information about the center, stop by our general meeting this Thursday, July 12th, at the Park Branch Library at 7pm.  There will be a presentation on the tenuous future of urban gardening in San Francisco.  We also have a family fun picnic this Sunday July 15th from12-3pm to honor gardeners at our site.  Stop by and share the love at Kezar Gardens Ecology Center-the most unique environmental site in the city of SF!

For more information on Celsius & Beyond click the link below.

Chronicle Columnist gets facts wrong


CW Nevius came out with a new article antagonizing  the efforts of the Kezar Gardens Ecology Center on Thursday.  Perhaps, if one were to read only the first and last lines of the piece, it could be considered accurate, but everything in between is highly questionable in terms of its precision.  We were lucky to get a tape recording of the interview between Nevius and Ed Dunn, recycling center director.

Tuesday morning, Chronicle photographer, Lea Suzuki, spent hours in the yard photographing recyclers and gardeners for the piece Nevius was writing this week.  She encouraged Nevius to come by as well to see the changes and talk to the energetic chief of staff, Ed Dunn.  And, to his credit, Nevius came by Tuesday afternoon and talked recycling center politics with Ed.  He let us tape him and did not hold back on his vehement opposition to the center, however, he seemed to be quite misinformed and uninterested in setting the record straight.

So, we waited to see what he would come up with.  What we got was an emotional article filled with inaccuracies and completely ignoring or failing to research many of the issues presented to him that day.  In response, we have put together a short video detailing the difference between his report and what actually transpired.  The major points we dispute in the video are:

1. The Native Plant garden was a “last ditch effort” to prevent an eviction

Greg Gaar began gardens at the site about a dozen years ago.  He has planted an acre of grounds in native plants surrounding the center and continues to develop and contribute to effective restoration projects all over the city including the Green Hairstreek Butterfly project on Golden Gate Heights.

2. The salaries are too high and no one wanted to show him the books.

Simple math demonstrated in the video refutes that along with an offer to look at the accounting that Nevius does not choose partake in.  The average salary with benefits for a staff member at HANC is approximately 36K and includes health care.

3.  Reference to the Golden Gate Master Plan as proof of non-conforming use.

Nevius was informed about the County General Plan that does allow for a public service that is hard to locate and cannot be located elsewhere to exist on parkland- he made no reference to this in his article.  Also, at this point, no other site on the west side of SF has been identified for HANC to relocate to.

4. Nobody wants us.  City Hall hates HANC.

In Feb 2011, the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution in favor of HANC recycling center, they demanded  that the City work in GOOD FAITH with the center on this issue.  There are also over 100 community gardeners as well as local recyclers that patronize the space everyday. Check out our other blogs detailing the visits of D5 Supe Christina Olague and Homeless Advocate Bevan Dufty, each having an extremely positive reaction to the site.

Take a few moments to see for yourself.  And take a gander at the Nevius article through the link below as well as HANC’s 990, it’s all public.  It’s certainly not news that we have opponents in this struggle but we must be vigilant about reporting the facts to the best of our knowledge and holding this reporter to the same virtue.

Nevius Article


R&R: Vegas Police benefit from one man’s recycling


As the city of Las Vegas faces an extraordinary shortfall to its Police Department due to a huge cut in property taxes, one man inspires the department to be creative about solving its problems.  Paul Jones, baseball fan and avid memorabilia collector, was really worried when he heard patrol officers were going to lose their jobs due to the extreme monetary cuts and decided to make a contribution to steer things into calmer waters.  During a city hall meeting to discuss the ill fated police department, Mr. Jones offered $350 to Sheriff Gillespie to offset the deficit he faces.  He earned the money by collecting bottles and cans.  While a few hundred bucks will not suffice to lift the department out of its current crisis, it does serve as inspiration not to give up on solving this problem for the people who rely on these important civil services.  And there is no price that can be ascribed to that sort of inspiration-its actually priceless.  While one can hardly believe that a city like Vegas, drenched in high income casinos, could ever have a problem like this, it is even more incredible that a simple environmental act could lead the way back to recovery.  Kudos to Paul Jones!  Check out the video story about him by clicking the Channel 8 news link below.  And do let us know if you have a story about how recycling came to the rescue in your local community.  We may want to feature it on our blog!

Email with your “R&R: Recycling to the Rescue” true stories!