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Happy New Year to all the Packrats out there-You were right!

reuse calendars


There is no telling what the future will bring but it is sure it will include a bit of the past.  Check out all the old calendars you packrats can pull out and reuse for 2013!  

Congratulations-you were right to recycle all these years!    


Things that happened in previous 2013 years:

2002: The Department of Homeland Security is formed.

1991: Rodney King is videotaped being beaten by LA cops.

1985: Two earthquakes over 8.0 on the richter scale hit Mexico City and Chile.  Japan celebrates 40 years after Hiroshima.

1974: Nixon resigns.  A rash of tornados hits the midwest.

1963: JFK is assassinated.  MLK Jr. delivers his “I Have A Dream” Speech.  ZIP codes are introduced in the USA.

1957: Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL is confiscated by US officials fro Obscenity after being printed in Britain.  The Mackinac Bridge (the longest Suspension bridge at the time) opens in Michigan.

1946: 800 Indigenous Australian Workers walk off the job to start one of Australia’s longest labor strikes.   The head of the Gestapo poisons himself before being executed along with other war criminals in Nuremberg.  The Flamingo Hotel opens on the Vegas Strip.

1935: The Dust Bowl hits hard and the New Deal creates the Works Progress Administration in the US while Hitler makes moves against the Treaty of Versailles, and the first TV program in the world is broadcast straight from Germany.

1929: Stock Market Crash – October 28

1918: Tarzan of the Apes was released.

Rally to Keep Recycling in SF!


Sponsored by: Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council


ATTENTION: Small Business Owners, Community Gardeners, Urban Agriculture Activists, Chinese Community Representatives, HANC Recycling and Kezar Gardens Center Advocates and others with a vested stake in Zero Waste, Small Business, Urban Agriculture, and Environmental Legacy in San Francisco.

Bring your support to the steps of City Hall this Tuesday and demand that Mayor Lee take responsibility for the negative impacts set to occur once Haight Ashbury Recycling center is evicted.   We need people, signs, and voices to be heard to achieve the following goals.

  • Retain HANC recycling and Kezar Gardens Center within the Convenience Zone it serves
  • Issue a Hold on Eviction until a Task Force can determine best course of action for all parties
  • Prevent Small Business from Footing the Bill for NIMBY politics
  • Preserve the sustainable economic model: recycling = green jobs + native plants + community gardens in one space
  • Preserve 51 community garden beds and their 100 gardeners
  • Create a task force to find a suitable location to house this important ecology center
  • Reinstate the citizen advisory board to advise Recreation and Park on plans to build a new garden with taxpayer money.

We gather to call attention to a mounting crisis for San Francisco small businesses, consumers and gardens alike. The system for taking back bottles and cans for California Redemption Value (CRV) is broken and may be on the verge of collapse.

The California State Bottle bill requires small markets in the City to accept recycling (bottles and cans) in store if there is no supermarket or recycling center nearby. Stores of any size may opt out of this requirement by paying a $100 a day in lieu fee. While this may not be much for a large grocery store, smaller establishments will be hard pressed to pay it.

Impacts on Small Grocers [or Markets] and Beverage Stores

  • All small stores that sell beverage containers with a CRV deposit must also take those containers back
  • If there is a recycling center nearby or a larger grocery store with recycling services, the store becomes exempt.
  • When HANC recycling and Kezar Gardens closes, there will be no recycling in the area
  • Big Business (Whole Foods) will afford the fee and small business will have to pay up or accept recycling in their stores.
  • The fee is $100/day and up to $36K per year.

Need for Recycling Centers

  • The Small Business Commission is holding hearings to discuss the shortage of recycling in the city now
  • Suspending recycling services in the area will have a negative impact on recycling rates-50% of recycling in SF goes through a recycling center
  • Without a local recycling center, all small businesses will pay high fees or have to accept recycling in store

The existing recycling centers in SF are well utilized but dwindling in numbers. Numbering 30 in 1990, now there are only 21. Statewide, there is one recycling center for every 18,000 residents while there is only one for every 38,000 San Franciscans. Recycling centers in the City receive half of all CRV bottles and cans recycled.

Of the 21 recycling centers in the City, only about 12 are conveniently located at neighborhood supermarkets or nearby. The rest are hard to get to or only consist of reverse vending machines that slowly receive bottles and cans one at a time. As a result long lines are the norm at most City recycling centers.

The City’s eviction of HANC sets a terrible example for supermarkets. HANC has served the Inner Richmond, Inner Sunset and Haight-Ashbury Bottle Bill requirements since the law went into effect in 1987. Other recycling centers are rumored for shut down in the near future, following the lead of the City. The HANC eviction will have a domino effect leaving thousands of San Franciscans and hundreds of stores without a place to recycle.

The Mayor needs to address this crisis now by placing the HANC eviction on hold while a task force is appointed to develop and implement solutions.

HANC recycling has also been a longtime advocate for urban agriculture and habitat restoration.  The money that is generated from recycling pays for green jobs with health insurance as well as a decade old San Francisco Native Plant Nursery.  When HANC learned of the plan to create a community garden in the space, it immediately met the need creating Kezar Gardens, a 51-plot community garden program.  There are currently 100 gardeners who will lose their plots in the event of an eviction.  The Recreation and Park Department has no plan to retain or relocate those gardens or those gardeners.  We demand that the citizen advisory council that was created to advise Recreation and Park on the use of the space be reinstated.  This group should be tasked with the fate of the current gardeners, if they cannot be relocated elsewhere.

There is no other model in the city of San Francisco that demonstrates how recycling contributes to jobs that restore the earth and community programs that educate, celebrate and nurture organic food growth, community health, and an integrated approach to taking environmental action in one half acre of land.


At SF City Hall-one hand does not talk to the other



One arm of city government plans emergency hearings on the lack of recycling in SF, another arm evicts the oldest recycling center in the urban area.  The hypocrisy of SF is not only brimming with cruel irony but will also have a hugely negative impact on recycling mandates, small businesses, and communities who garden.

Please come out to City Hall tomorrow from 2-4pm and hear the the urgent discussion with the Small Business Commission on the lack of recycling available in SF.  Agenda item 6  covers the convenience zone areas and will deal with this issue.  On Dec 10, there will be a full board meeting on this as well.

The Recreation and Park Department refuses to work with any other city agency on this issue and are quite comfortable costing hundreds of business owners-big and small-and thousands of San Franciscan citizens-huge sums of money so they can build a tax-payer funded garden for forty people who pre-reserved their spots in this very, very fancy new space.  The Rec and Park garden has no final budget and no published time line-there has been no advancement of work on the plan that is now over two years old.

When our native plant nursery founder and a number of community gardeners expressed their concerns to Sarah Ballard, they were only met with the uncharitable and inequitable answer that Rec Park plans to tear up the the asphalt and the gardens and not to offer any spaces to people who have been growing there for a year now. 

Between the lack of recycling and the lack of gardens in this city, there is no rhetorical way to justify removing a nonprofit that provides both.  But the Rec and Park Department does not care to justify their work on behalf of the city and its citizens, they also do not care what the needs of the city are, they operate with autonomy and they like it that way.  It’s their party and they will cry and take their toys home if they want to.

As of today, the Sheriff has not come to shut us down as Rec and Park would have wanted.  We don’t know how much longer we have but its up to our leaders to speak up about this issue NOW.

Eric Mar-hear our call and make a bold statement about a place that serves the community you represent!  We need your leadership NOW.  Protect the unheard voices of Chinese people and other Asians that help sustain themselves through recycling at our center.  Speak for them!


And PEOPLE, demand Sarah Ballard, Marvin Yee and Phil Ginsburg uphold the process they agreed to when this garden plan was initiated.  There is to be an advisory council made up of the public that advises Rec and Park how to proceed with their plan.  Why is the Advisory Council not in session?  Demand they reinstate this policy advising body immediately!  The advisory council should be making recommendations on the current gardeners status and future in the space not an autonomous Rec and Park Department.







Keep Calm and Recycle On


We are still in the heat of battle against the eviction notice delivered to the ecology center on Thursday.  The leaders of HANC met today and people are working hard to spread the word about this terrible injustice that is in direct opposition to the mandates of the Bottle Bill, Zero Waste and this year’s newly passed Urban Agriculture Ordinance.  We have enlisted the support of our Supervisor in DIstrict 5, Christina Olague as well as Eric Mar from District 1 to help get us all back on track.

We ask that our supporters keep spreading the word via email lists, blogs and social networks.  If you can use the hashtag #StopKezarEviction, we can locate your work out there, too.  We also ask that you take a moment to call your local Supervisor and the Mayor to express your concern over these recent events.  It really seems the only civilized way to resolve great difference is through compromise and that is all we are asking for.  There are many, many users and supporters of recycling, gardening and native plant restoration that will be impacted if this center is not relocated.  Currently, the Recreation and Park Department has no plan to let the innocent gardeners keep their plots.  The Rec Park plan only has about 40 plots-so whenever they finish with all the wasteful construction-they will house far fewer gardeners than are currently there.

As we strive to right this wrong, please do the same.  Don’t throw in the towel just yet-from great need comes great invention and there may be a way to turn this into a win-win for everyone if we put our minds to it.  And, continue to recycle.  Bring in your bottles and cans and leftover cardboard as a revolutionary act!  Leave behind some used cooking oil and old shoes for the free table in the spirit of this good cause.

Keep calm and recycle on!

You can reach the Mayor at

Take a picture of yourself and your revolutionary act of recycling or gardening at Kezar Gardens Ecology Center and send it him as soon as you can!  Together we can demand that our city lives up to its promises of zero waste and more urban agriculture.

Onwards and Upwards!

And check out this great piece on the chaos by Jonathan Farrell:

Love thy Turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!





SF Doc Fest opens this weekend: 780 Frederick sneak peek Saturday

The 11th annual SF Doc Fest kicks off this weekend and runs through Nov 21st.  We are happy to be a part of the fest this year.  Come by the Roxie Theater, Saturday Nov 10th at 12:30pm and take a look at our docu-noir in the making called 780 Frederick.  We will present exclusive clips and host a panel discussion with stakeholders about the process of gentrification in the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood and the battle against the eviction of the only recycling center located in Golden Gate Park.  Take part in the discussion and take part in the history of San Francisco as it happens.  We hope to see you there.


more details are available at the link below.

Vote Sexy Style-Decision 2012






It’s pretty sexy to speak your mind and tell people what you really think.  Make sure you strut your sexy side at your local voting booth tomorrow for the big decision 2012 day.  Nov 6th sees not only the conclusion of a heated presidential election, but the fate of several key initiatives in the State of California and city of San Francisco.  Below you will find the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council recommendations for local and statewide initiatives.  We are not able to support individual candidates but we have included a link to the League of Pissed Off Voters guide for Tuesday’s election and they do have opinions on people-as you can see for yourself.

Whatever your heart decides on each of these issues, make sure you memorialize it on a ballot and make sure it’s counted.  Vote sexy!

League of Pissed off Voters Guide to Decision 2012

November Election – HANC Recommends

Local Ballot

Prop. A- City College Parcel Tax                      YES

Prop. B- Park Bond                                             NO

Prop. C- Housing Trust Fund                           YES

Prop. E- Gross Receipts Tax                             YES

Prop. F- Hetch Hetchy Plan                              NO

Prop. G-Oppose Corp. Personhood                 YES

State Ballot

Prop.30 -Gov. Brown’s Tax Plan                      YES

Prop.32- Cuts Union Role in Elections           NO

Prop.33 -Insurance Company Price Plan       NO

Prop.34- Repeals Death Penalty                      YES

Prop.36- Three Stikes only for Violence         YES

Prop.37- Engineered Food Labeling               YES

Prop.38 -Tax Increase ONLY for Ed.              NO

Prop.39- Multi-state business tax                   YES