reuse calendars


There is no telling what the future will bring but it is sure it will include a bit of the past.  Check out all the old calendars you packrats can pull out and reuse for 2013!  

Congratulations-you were right to recycle all these years!    


Things that happened in previous 2013 years:

2002: The Department of Homeland Security is formed.

1991: Rodney King is videotaped being beaten by LA cops.

1985: Two earthquakes over 8.0 on the richter scale hit Mexico City and Chile.  Japan celebrates 40 years after Hiroshima.

1974: Nixon resigns.  A rash of tornados hits the midwest.

1963: JFK is assassinated.  MLK Jr. delivers his “I Have A Dream” Speech.  ZIP codes are introduced in the USA.

1957: Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL is confiscated by US officials fro Obscenity after being printed in Britain.  The Mackinac Bridge (the longest Suspension bridge at the time) opens in Michigan.

1946: 800 Indigenous Australian Workers walk off the job to start one of Australia’s longest labor strikes.   The head of the Gestapo poisons himself before being executed along with other war criminals in Nuremberg.  The Flamingo Hotel opens on the Vegas Strip.

1935: The Dust Bowl hits hard and the New Deal creates the Works Progress Administration in the US while Hitler makes moves against the Treaty of Versailles, and the first TV program in the world is broadcast straight from Germany.

1929: Stock Market Crash – October 28

1918: Tarzan of the Apes was released.