Neighbors of the Haight Ashbury express their concerns over the way Rec and Park is slandering the recycling center, the people who use it, and basing an eviction on that slander.  Perception is reality and people don’t trust this Park leadership to to do the right thing.  It’s very disturbing they don’t care to even acknowledge the concerns of citizens regarding this issue-or discuss them in a community building way.

City agencies have promised this land, 780 Frederick Street, to a few private citizens and made a deal to deliver it despite the holes it will create in state mandated CRV recycling.  There are also serious efforts to silence anyone who brings information that demonstrates the relationship our recycling center has to the recycling needs of the area as mandated by state law.

Should our highly paid City officials really be making deals with a few people and ignoring the laws that govern the state?  Should they be assuring these people that, despite the hole it will create in recycling and the hundreds of thousands it will cost in fees for stores, they plan to give them what they want?  I think our city officials owe their time and attention to all citizens and all state laws.  Certainly, they should not be consciously ignoring the impacts and costs this closure will have.  And, certainly, they should not be distracting the narrative with false and unproven claims about homeless people.

A huge part of the homeless population in this city are Veterans.  Substitute Veteran for homeless next time you read or hear slanderous comments about our recycling center and see how that makes you feel.