It’s pretty sexy to speak your mind and tell people what you really think.  Make sure you strut your sexy side at your local voting booth tomorrow for the big decision 2012 day.  Nov 6th sees not only the conclusion of a heated presidential election, but the fate of several key initiatives in the State of California and city of San Francisco.  Below you will find the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council recommendations for local and statewide initiatives.  We are not able to support individual candidates but we have included a link to the League of Pissed Off Voters guide for Tuesday’s election and they do have opinions on people-as you can see for yourself.

Whatever your heart decides on each of these issues, make sure you memorialize it on a ballot and make sure it’s counted.  Vote sexy!

League of Pissed off Voters Guide to Decision 2012

November Election – HANC Recommends

Local Ballot

Prop. A- City College Parcel Tax                      YES

Prop. B- Park Bond                                             NO

Prop. C- Housing Trust Fund                           YES

Prop. E- Gross Receipts Tax                             YES

Prop. F- Hetch Hetchy Plan                              NO

Prop. G-Oppose Corp. Personhood                 YES

State Ballot

Prop.30 -Gov. Brown’s Tax Plan                      YES

Prop.32- Cuts Union Role in Elections           NO

Prop.33 -Insurance Company Price Plan       NO

Prop.34- Repeals Death Penalty                      YES

Prop.36- Three Stikes only for Violence         YES

Prop.37- Engineered Food Labeling               YES

Prop.38 -Tax Increase ONLY for Ed.              NO

Prop.39- Multi-state business tax                   YES