Prop B is a $195 million bond for the Recreation and Parks department in San Francisco.  The leadership at Rec and Park would like you to vote to bestow this money upon them with no accountability to how it will be spent.  So, it really comes down to a matter of trust.  Do you trust the leaders in this department to do good things with the money or do you have reservations about the direction Rec and Park is heading?
Aaron Peskin, former Board President, and co-author of the last park bond in 2008, says you should think twice before voting for this one.  At a HANC general meeting last week, Peskin spoke passionately and with great candor about the upcoming park bond and about his work to make sure it does not pass.  NO on Prop B, says Peskin.  Look at the centers that lay unused and empty due to mismanagement of funds right now, look at the dire condition of Coit Tower and the need to pass a measure to protect it from further denigration.  Look at the astro-turf policies that will convert grass to plastic at the west end of Golden Gate Park, and the $7 fee for anyone who is not San Franciscan to enjoy the botanical garden and arboretum that has already been paid for.  Look at the proposal to evict our ecology center, Kezar Gardens, built with revenue from green jobs and recycling and replace it with a different one that will cost $1.5 million dollars of the taxpayer’s money, according to most recent reports.

Take another look at the leadership in our Rec and park department and ask yourself if they are really listening to the needs of the community or just a few well-endowed voices.  Let’s clean up Rec and Park before granting them more public money that is spent on private interests.

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Former Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin (President 2005-2009)

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