Staff member Wei Ze Wu patiently works with this recycling patron to help get his thoughts about the benefit of HANC recycling down on paper.  We are here to help anyone with language or writing difficulties communicate their thoughts to the Mayor.  Please let us know if you need assistance in English, Chinese or any other language!

It is important that we embrace this short relocation reprieve and reinforce to the Mayor the desperate need for recycling services in this area and the unique benefit HANC provides to the recycler. the gardener, the neighborhood, the city and ultimately the world.

Remember our upcoming events!

October 21: Garden Workday with Pumpkin Carving and Special Seedling Sale from 1-4pm

October 24: Workday Wednesday with the Sapce TranSFormers 1-4pm

October 31: Halloween Haunted Garden-take a spooky tour of our delectable gardens!  FREE

November 10: SF DOC FEST at the Roxie Theater (16th Street & Valencia) Film Screening and Community Discussion.  780 Frederick: the struggle for recycling and community gardens in SF.   12:30pm FREE