What an amazing weekend it was-fleet week, THE GIANTS, the A’s, the Castro Street Fair, Italian Heritage Parade and the most awesome event of them all-The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.  A free, three day, multi-stage, concert that spans Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park.  The line-up included Patti Smith, Head and Heart, the Cowboy Junkies, the Chieftains and many many more delights.  It was a bring your own everything kind of deal and even the hardcore recyclers had fun grooving to the tunes as they helped in the effort yo recycle.

Though recycling was available at the festival, the numbers of bottles and cans quickly overwhelmed the receptacles.  The volunteers worked hard and they were helped out by the street collectors who gathered much of the debris.  It would be amazing if there could be recycling buyback during an event like Hardly Strictly Bluegrass.  People could hand over their collections for cash and continue to help keep the park clean during a major event.

It would also be amazing for the recycling process to be demonstrated as a part of the fabric of major events in our public spaces.  When we connect environmental acts like recycling to people rather than receptacles or bins, we have a more profound impact on people who participate.  It also creates opportunity for dialogue about important issues like recycling and bluegrass to happen all in one place.

It was lovely to see these hardworking street recyclers enjoy the music while protecting their stash.  Many patrons looked to them to turn over their bottles and cans instead of the overflowing and unmanned bins put out for the event.  Go figure.