We are still in operation at 780 Frederick after an eviction scare this week.  Please stay tuned to the blog for further developments on the eviction status.

Robbie and Regina, the local ravens that live at the gardens,  just had some babies.  If there’s a fresh pile of compost or someone leaves out the cat food, you will see them lingering around the yard on the dirt mounds.  They would really miss all the people they see and interact with on a daily basis if this place was gone.

And, since we put in all those community gardens, the butterflies just cannot stay away.  Any given morning, you can stroll through the rows of raised beds and encounter all kinds of delicate fluttery things.  Recently, several  yellow anise swallowtails have been spotted-big and brave-gliding through the flowers.

We are happy these enchanting creatures feel at home here amongst the recyclers and the staff.  Here’s to keeping the peace and keeping the place habitable for all the creatures we find on this earth, those with their heads in the clouds and those firmly planted on earth.