In the 2 years long legal battle to keep our recycling, garden and native plant center alive, we have bought months, weeks, and now we buy days, even moments.  Last week, our Lawyer told us to expect an eviction posting by Thursday, Sept 26, at the latest.  We watched and we waited and we galvanized the community and the notice did not come.

It is customary for a Sheriff’s eviction to post notice 5-6 days before attempting to evict.  We really don’t know why we were spared this week but we are trying to find out.  With the help of Supervisor Olague and her staff, we have made a plan to create a future everyone can live with.

Will it work out?  Time will tell many tales, for now, just hope for the best.  We are counting on you Supervisor Olague-help us all find a solution to keep this community resource viable!  Thank you and everyone in this community for your unwavering support!