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780 Frederick-Get A Sneak Peek at the Movie Nov 10th




Nov 10: 12:30pm at the Roxie Theater on 16th Street in the Mission

A FREE screening and community discussion on the Movie about the Madness at 780 Frederick.  Presented by SF Indie Fest at their 11th Annual Doc Fest, Filmmaker and Producer of this here blog, Soumyaa Kapil Behrens, will screen the short film, My Garbage, My Neighborhood (2010)made before the city led effort to evict the gardens as well as never before seen footage from the upcoming feature docu-noir, 780 Frederick, that documents the now two year long legal, moral and political battle for and against the eviction of one of the oldest recycling centers and gardens from Golden Gate Park.

An open discussion will be held to dialogue about the ongoing situation and all stakeholders are encouraged to attend and voice their opinion and their experience.  See the link below for more information about this special event and to learn more about the SF Indie Fest and its programs.


Dia de Los Gigantes



There’s nothing that brings a city together like baseball and its most coveted prize-the WORLD SERIES.  Today, the SF Giants take on the Detroit Tigers in Game 4 of the 2012 World Series Championship and what could be game over, if they managed to pull out another win.  The joy of victory is great but the awesome myriad of record breaking hits, back to back shutouts and more give us all an opportunity to take a gander back at history and realize just how rare and unusual this team’s accomplishments are.  And, as we review some of the awesomeness of this series-let’s remember that to get where we are-the Giants had to come back from major deficits in the last two rounds.  Let’s also remember the multiple suspensions and injuries that took major contributors out of the season altogether and let’s take a look back with all that in mind.



The Orioles did it last in 1966 against the LA Dodgers.


There’s been a lot of these but back in 1989-the A’s swept the Giants in a World Series that was interrupted by the big earthquake that broke the Bay Bridge.


There were no home runs in back to back games this year-games 2 and 3.  Last time this happened it was 1996.

Pablo Sandoval joins the short list of home runs in  World Series game, in the company of Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Albert Pujoles.  Go PANDA!

Sandoval hit 3 homers in game 1 and he is 2 hits away from tying the all time most hits in post season record-25-another short list.


To topple the astounding back-to-back shutout of Detroit in the last two games-remember that the Tigers were shutout in their regular season only two times.

Detroit’s own amazing work demonstrates the level of fantastic baseball being played this year.  Heavy hitters Cabrera and Fielder have been stayed to 3 singles total in 19 at bats.

A turning point in yesterday’s game came when Ryan Vogelsong put to rest two Tigers at the plate with the bases loaded.  One of those Tigers was the terrifying Cabrera.

CONSECUTIVE APPEARANCES  (Can’t help but think of next year…)

The 19071908 Cubs, 19211922 Giants and 19751976 Reds are the only National League teams to win back-to-back World Series.

The 1907–1909 Detroit Tigers and the 1911–1913 New York Giants are the only teams to lose three consecutive World Series.

WORLD SERIES DROUGHT (can’t help but be grateful…I’m originally from the north side of Chicago)

The Chicago Cubs hold the record for the longest World Series drought (still active through 2012), with their last title coming in 1908 (104 years). In fact, they also hold the longest drought without a World Series appearance, not having won the NL pennant since 1945. Even had they won the 1945 World Series, they would still hold the longest active World Series championship drought, the second longest being since 1948 by the Cleveland Indians.

Turning the Tides-A Call to Action!

A Call to Action!!

 Help Save Kezar Gardens, HANC Recycling Center and Native Plant Nursery!  At a recent meeting with Mayor Ed Lee and his staff, there was openness to discuss the relocation

of the recycling portion of our site WITHIN DISTRICT 5 and to GRANDFATHER in the nursery and garden plots that already exist at the site.

This is good news.  The news is SO good that our opponents are trying to dissuade the Mayor from this new way of thinking.  We need your help NOW more than ever.

The Mayor needs to hear from people like you who use this center and can articulate how it impacts your life in a positive way.


Please take a few moments to take action NOW.

Email or write a letter to Mayor Ed Lee in support of his openness to relocate the center within District 5 and grandfather the gardens in their current location.  Request to keep this center OPEN until this process is complete to ensure a vital public service is maintained.


You can email the Mayor here:


You can send him a letter here: Mayor Ed Lee

City Hall Room 200

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102


If you have written a letter or postcard of support previously, THANK YOU!  We ask that you reaffirm your support by contacting the Mayor again NOW to respond specifically to his action to look at the relocation potential.

We deeply appreciate the undying support of our community.  Each of you makes a unique contribution to this space and its camaraderie.  Let’s keep the dream alive.  

Around the Garden…Slug Traps + Beer

Look at these poor Brussels Sprouts, victims of the hungry slug.  Let’s make a an old fashioned slug trap!

Step 1: Recycle an old cat food tin or small container from your cupboard or medicine cabinet.

Step 2: Grab a beer.  Most people use bad or cheap stale beer but no harm in giving a slug a good buzz either.

Step 3: Bury or Embed the tin into the dirt.  Try to have the top of the container on the same level as the dirt so your slugs can scoot in with ease.

Step 4: Fill ‘er up!

Step 5: Leave it alone a wait a day or two-when you return there will be a NUMBER of slugs that stopped by for a little beer but drowned in their desire.  A few rounds of this pest control and your organic plants will be back in the business of growing.

Halloween Hootenanny Oct 20!



The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council is a sponsor of this year’s Halloween Hootenanny at Waller and Stanyan Streets.  The council is providing the Sponge Bob Jumpy House.  We hope you and your get a few moments to check out the fun this Saturday, October 20th from 11-4.

Dress up and enjoy the gorgeous Indian summer this Saturday!

Stop by Kezar Gardens on Sunday for a seedling sale and pumpkin carving from 1-4pm as well!

Here’s to gourds of fun this spooky season!


Letters to the Mayor: Chinese Style


Staff member Wei Ze Wu patiently works with this recycling patron to help get his thoughts about the benefit of HANC recycling down on paper.  We are here to help anyone with language or writing difficulties communicate their thoughts to the Mayor.  Please let us know if you need assistance in English, Chinese or any other language!

It is important that we embrace this short relocation reprieve and reinforce to the Mayor the desperate need for recycling services in this area and the unique benefit HANC provides to the recycler. the gardener, the neighborhood, the city and ultimately the world.

Remember our upcoming events!

October 21: Garden Workday with Pumpkin Carving and Special Seedling Sale from 1-4pm

October 24: Workday Wednesday with the Sapce TranSFormers 1-4pm

October 31: Halloween Haunted Garden-take a spooky tour of our delectable gardens!  FREE

November 10: SF DOC FEST at the Roxie Theater (16th Street & Valencia) Film Screening and Community Discussion.  780 Frederick: the struggle for recycling and community gardens in SF.   12:30pm FREE

Pumpkin Carving and Seedling Sale Oct 21

OCTOBER 21: 1-4pm

Community Garden Workday with Pumpkin Carving and special Seedling Sale! (pumpkins, stencils and tools provided)

We may not have the oomph to produce pumpkins with human faces like the farmer in the story above from 1938, but we can certainly get a small jack-o-lantern army together over a sunny afternoon!  This Sunday, we will have our regularly scheduled garden workday with some delightful accouterments.  You can carve a pumpkin in the yard for the upcoming Halloween Haunted Garden on Oct 31.  Filmmaker, Kristi Stephens Adams, will hold a seedling sale for her new film, From the Ground Up, that explores San Francisco’s Victory gardens and others to illuminate the culture of growing our own food in urban areas.  There is also work by the Space TranSFormers to check out- a greenhouse in the making, a rain catchment system, and new community food growing plots all planted away!

The weather looks appealing and there will be mulch, mulch fun to take part in this weekend.  Stop by Kezar Gardens and say Hi!  We are not evicted yet.

The upcoming documentary From the Ground Up provides an inspiring look at gardeners in three cities, juxtaposing these modern urban farmers with the original Victory Gardeners who during WWI and WWII grew food in backyards, on balconies, any wherever they could.  At their peak, these gardeners yielded 40% of the produce consumed in the US. Today a Sacramento teacher and her young sons “take on City Hall” to fight for their front yard vegetable garden; a team of San Francisco artists planting a modern day Civic Center Victory Garden and redefining the use of urban green space; Puerto Rican migrants in Massachusetts work to elevate their quality of life by growing vegetables in once vacant lots. By creating a documentary and other media with opportunities to participate, From the Ground Up seeks to inspire people to grow a small bit of their own food then share it, creating a tangible way to connect to their local food system, strengthening their communities and economies.

We are having a seedling sale to encourage and meet local urban farmers while raising some funds for our post-production costs.