To ENDEAVOR is to strive to attain a hard to reach goal.  An appropriate title for a space ship.  Today, the retired NASA vehicle graced our skies with a wondrous site-flying over the city and past the Golden Gate Bridge atop a 747 aircraft.  Did you see it?  I happened to glance up in the sky on my walk to work and there it was-gliding across the horizon.  And, everywhere, there were people, on rooftops, on hills and other high points, gathering to take in the awesome and bizarre sight.

A nice start to the weekend!  I hope it is sign of more phenomenal things to come.

We will be back next week with footage from the recent District 5 Supervisor debate.  With eight candidates in the running, the conversations were pretty hot and the ranked choice voting puts a lot of variance into play as the people decide who to choose as first, second and third.  We will also be launching a new campaign with to petition the Mayor to stop the eviction of Kezar Gardens and HANC recycling center-an ENDEAVOR of its own, for sure.  Thanks to everyone who voted for our place as their favorite in the neighborhood on  We won the initiative with over 40 votes-three times more than the wiggle!  Hopefully, the Mayor will review this feedback as well!


Onwards and Upwards!