Last Friday, an activist group took over our site at 780 Frederick and transformed it into a space of peaceful protest and community gathering.  The event had music from the Classical Revolution, the Interstellar Transmissions and many other bands and performance artist.  There was yoga.  There was meditation.  There was a seed library and teach-in workshops on ecology, self reliance and the fate of urban agriculture in our city today.  Even the cops and the park rangers swung by a few times, partly to make their presence known, but also to feast their eyes on the goings-on in the garden.

At nightfall, the music died down to  un-amplified drumbeats and a makeshift screen drew everyone’s attention with videos and dialogue about community togetherness.  No tents were pitched, but many folks spent the night in the gardens,on the mulch, under the stars.  The next day, after breakfast in the Kezar Triangle, they cleaned up, gathered their things and headed across the park, nomad style.

Thanks for sticking up for us-Space TranSFormers-come back anytime.  Hopefully, we will still be here to welcome you.