A small anonymous group gathers once a week to make a communal dinner from scraps they collect.  The gorgeous leftovers from the Justin Herman Civic Center Farmer’s Market would normally end up in the trash but this group finds a way to keep that food revolution alive.  They gather the remnants from the market and other food businesses forced to throw away things due to health regulations and make a meal of it for about 30 people.

After eating to their hearts delight (see the yummy looking peach cobbler in the video), the new leftovers are saved.  This food is taken to the Bank of America where the group holds a free food stand every week, handing out free vegetables and dishes from the previous nights’ scavenged meal.  Inspired by the original Food Bank of America in NYC, this group tries to keep up the endless work of getting good, nutritious food to people who need it.

On my visit there were cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, Brussels sprouts, white peaches, okra, potatoes, mint, celery, hot chilies, sesame seeds, daikon, and more from the market as well as paninis, salads, bear claws and other pastries from La Boulange.  What an incredible treat for me and what an amazing ritual for them.

Don’t forget, as you watch the video, 100% of the food you see was destined for trash.  With recent studies pointing out Americans throw away up to 40% of their food, this effort to reroute edible waste into hungry people’s tummies, seems well worth the effort.