Carrots are best sown in the ground you plan to grow them in.  Since the root develops faster than the sprouts, they can be overgrown by the time transplantation occurs, causing carrot trauma.  Really, once the carrot sprouts and is thinned, even watering and sunshine, is all it needs.

Sometimes an abundant garden can harbor little surprises and stories.  Just yesterday, I found a new pumpkin amongst the leek garden in my plot.  My fellow gardener. Darlene, pulled up some hefty carrots, too.  One pull revealed the effects of uneven watering in the busted veggie, that guy must have been hiding out, too.  Still it’s looking pretty tasty around here!

Come by this Sunday from 1-4pm for our next community garden workday.  We will be numbering our plots, forming a garden committee, sharing fresh food and more!  Stop by and say hi.  🙂