Is Kezar Gardens Ecology your favorite place in the neighborhood?  Maybe it gave you your first garden or you come here to recycle a couple times a week.  Maybe you landscaped your home with native plants from Greg’s nursery or your kids came through on an educational tour this year.  Maybe you stopped by our picnic or garden work day or took part in the 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt earlier this year?  Maybe you plan to come by August 11th and participate in the Great Backyard Bee Count sponsored by

Whatever the reason you love to use the space at Kezar Gardens, now you can share that love with the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services.  They have a new interactive website called

You can register and upload a photo of Kezar Gardens as your favorite thing in the neighborhood or LIKE another photo of the Garden already uploaded.  This could be a way to get the attention of the only person who can stop the eviction of Kezar Gardens Ecology Center, the only ecology center of its kind in the city of San Francisco.

Copy and paste the websites addresses to be directed to their sites:


1. Go to http://www.improveSF.comand JOIN by creating a new account or signing in through Facebook

2. Find or Take a snapshot of Kezar Gardens (you can pull one off our site, if you like!)

3. Log In to your account and click on the featured challenge “What is your favorite thing in your neighborhood?”

4. Click on the “Share Your Story” button and upload your picture and comment to their site or click LIKE on another Kezar Gardens photo already uploaded.

5. Send us an email at to let us know what you’ve done!  (feel free to include your snapshot!)

6.  Celebrate yourself and stay tuned for the next CALL TO ACTION