Get your buzz on this Saturday and BEE a part of the great bee count!  Organized by, this event is geared toward collecting data and creating a map of where bees are doing well and where they are in trouble.  This data will then be provided to conservationists so they can address problem areas.

Fred Bove, one of our very own community gardeners at Kezar, is a director on this project!  We are proud to have him in our community and support his efforts to better our environment through bee education and cultivation.  You can see him on the website in a video describing the project.

You can also find information about how to be a part of the collective counting this Saturday or any other day.  The basic idea is to grow or find a particular kind of sunflower-Lemon Queen, Bee Balm, Cosmos, Tickseed or Purple Cornflower.  Then, it only takes fifteen minutes of observation a day to see what bees come around.  Report your stats on the great sunflower website and pat your self on the back!  Easy.

Support this great project!