Amazing things are coming in at Kezar Gardens Ecology Center.  The community plot program has inspired so many San Franciscans to put their heart in the mud and and make some thing out of it.  Some of the organic veggies I find growing today are artichokes, red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, squash and beets.  The native San Francisco Gum Plant is showing its gummy goodness, too, appearing white and sticky before the yellow blooms pop out.  And, my husband’s pumpkin experiment in our plot is featured at the end of this post.  Look out for that fairy tale vine next time you come by.

Great work gardeners,  my tummy really looks forward to the upcoming harvests!  And be on the watch for new community gardeners, Beverly, Triveni and Finn, who are taking over untended plots.  Be sure to welcome them!


There is also a small but noticeable vine of young pumpkins growing in the community plots.  From spiny stems, to gorgeous yellow orange blooms, to an eventual gourd surrounded by spiraled tendrils, the patch is surely spreading around.  Check out the first fruits of this labor and stop by to see where this vine might climb as time goes on.