Today we take a look back not just at the environmental movement but also its media coverage.  Peter Jennings, famed evening news anchorman, used to do a segment called “Person of the Week”.  This report featured people doing incredible things that you may not know about.  On October 14, 1988, the spotlight was turned on Peter Raven.  Raven is a well-known botanist who has won every award known to man on the subject.  After teaching at Stanford, he decided to pursue a career as the director of the Missouri Botanical Garden, dedicated to biodiversity and representing plants in context with culture.  He is a firm believer in saving endangered plants and outspoken about how we still don’t know enough about our ecosystems to live without certain species and the effect of their loss could prove devastating to us all.

Jennings was making a statement himself by discussing Raven.  He notes the incredible surge in mainstream American culture to learn more about the environment and conservation.  He also astutely addresses the reasons why people like Peter Raven are so important to our society.


Peter Raven is native to California and he got his education at UCLA before teaching at Stanford, in his early days.  He also responsible for discovering the last known Raven Manzanita plant in the Presidio of San Francisco.  The plant, over 100 years old, has never procreated and may be the last of its kind on earth.  It’s location is kept under wraps but keep your eyes and ears to the grindstone in SF and you may get some clues on how to find it.  Recently, when construction on Doyle Drive began, another rare Manzanita was discovered after much of the overgrown vegetation was removed from a road median.  The Franciscan Manzanita is also now a proud addition to the conservatory of rare plants at the Presidio.

Peter Raven and Peter Jennings were both pioneers in their respective fields.  They each dedicated their lives to the pressing issues of the world and never once looked back.  Capture some of that retro cool energy and continue the charge yourself by learning, conserving and connecting people of the world in the ongoing movement for a healthy and sustainable planet earth.  Who knows what you might discover!