Thanks to State Assembly Member Tom Ammiano for issuing certificates of excellence to our Community Gardeners at Kezar Ecology Center.  We are proud to honor the revolutionary efforts of community members gardening at Kezar as a form of protest against the impending eviction by the Recreation and Parks Department.  Sixteen green thumb activists were lauded with the California Legislative Seal and the following statement from Assembly Member Tom Ammiano:


We celebrate your generosity and perseverance in helping to establish Kezar Gardens Ecology Center, one of the first community gardens of its kind.  Your diligent service has allowed many in our community to appreciate nature as never before.  Thank you for taking the time to make this city a better place.  We look forward to your success in years to come.  Congratulations!”


The Kezar Gardens Ecology Center has vowed to continue their garden-recycling-native plant model as long as is possible.  Aside from the gardens at 780 Frederick Street, KGEC has provided support to numerous urban agriculture projects around the city.  They are the fiscal sponsor for the Garden For the Environment, taking them under their wing when the SF League of Urban Gardeners dissolved and helped underwrite the program during times of economic need.  This included fronting the money for the Victory Gardens at City Hall.  They provided mulch and cardboard to Hayes Valley Farm to help erect their initiative in 2010 as well.  They have worked with Nature In The City, Food not Bombs, and will be donating the plants to start the native garden in the panhandle later this year.  With continued operation, Kezar Gardens could erect four new gardens-at zero cost to the city-over a year’s time-funded by buyback recycling.  Is that an offer our city can afford to refuse?

There are currently over four hundred people on a wait list for a garden plot in the city of San Francisco.