The science based educational organization for kids K-9, Celsius & Beyond, came by for an educational tour at Kezar Gardens Ecology Center recently.  They probed site manager, Charlie Lamar, about plastic, glass and indigenous things.  A spirited group of head scratchers and toe tappers, they demonstrated knowledge and curiosity, as any great scientist is wont to do.  At C&B, they have a pretty serious program, employing teachers from the best schools in the area including UC Berkeley, UCSF, San Francisco State and Stanford.  They set their standards high and we thank them for including us in their quest for excellence in science education opportunities.  I learned a lot from the tour with this group.  Check out today’s video and you might also learn a thing or two!

If your school or summer camp group is interested in an education tour of Kezar Gardens, please email hancrecycling@gmail.com to arrange a time!  For more information about the center, stop by our general meeting this Thursday, July 12th, at the Park Branch Library at 7pm.  There will be a presentation on the tenuous future of urban gardening in San Francisco.  We also have a family fun picnic this Sunday July 15th from12-3pm to honor gardeners at our site.  Stop by and share the love at Kezar Gardens Ecology Center-the most unique environmental site in the city of SF!

For more information on Celsius & Beyond click the link below.