Kezar Gardens is closed today for the holiday but wishes everyone good food and good fun this year!  Please join us JULY 15th from 12-3pm for a picnic and party to celebrate the 100+ community gardeners at Kezar Gardens Ecology Center.  Meet D5 Candidates, enjoy picnic sandwiches and a JUMPY HOUSE for the kids!  We will honor gardeners and have a special update about the eviction process.  There will even be a “chain yourself to the Garden” photo booth and other engaging activities!  This event is FREE and open to the public.

One of our gardeners gets an early mention this year for her unwavering commitment to Kezar Gardens and the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council.  Her caring nature combined with a fierce dedication to overcoming obstacles is definitely emulated in her garden plot.  And, she, alone, has been able to grow the most fussy of vegetables in the San Francisco vegetable garden-the red tomato.  See the glorious red fruit for yourself and honor the the RED spirit in your own garden of life today.  What does red mean to you?  For Michelle Welch, tomato queen of Kezar Gardens, it brings to mind courage, passion, love, and the willingness to be noticed and fight for something most people cannot attain.  Thanks, Michelle, we honor you and your RED tomato!