The voracious red ladybug only emerges after an interesting transformation from egg to larvae to pupa to finally grow up into its black spotted-red glossed adulthood.  We love ladybugs.  Aside from being an insect sophisticate, it also has a healthy appetite for aphids.  Aphids are a common pest, known to infest gardens that have been left untended.  They may be shy but they are abundant!  We found a garden plot today infested with them.  Alongside the termite like aphids was this black and yellow spiny bug.  After a little bit of internet research and chatting with gardeners, we identified the awkward big bug as a ladybug larvae.  After the egg stage, the ladybug morphs into a large spike-y insect with a hefty appetite for aphids.  After filling up on the pest, the larvae attaches to a leaf and enters the pupa stage where is develops the hard red exterior and reemerges an adult.  But old or young, black or red, awkward or sophisticated, the ladybug always has room for some aphids.  And lucky for this poor gardener  duly infested with them.  We will keep an eye out to see who wins.