As the city of Las Vegas faces an extraordinary shortfall to its Police Department due to a huge cut in property taxes, one man inspires the department to be creative about solving its problems.  Paul Jones, baseball fan and avid memorabilia collector, was really worried when he heard patrol officers were going to lose their jobs due to the extreme monetary cuts and decided to make a contribution to steer things into calmer waters.  During a city hall meeting to discuss the ill fated police department, Mr. Jones offered $350 to Sheriff Gillespie to offset the deficit he faces.  He earned the money by collecting bottles and cans.  While a few hundred bucks will not suffice to lift the department out of its current crisis, it does serve as inspiration not to give up on solving this problem for the people who rely on these important civil services.  And there is no price that can be ascribed to that sort of inspiration-its actually priceless.  While one can hardly believe that a city like Vegas, drenched in high income casinos, could ever have a problem like this, it is even more incredible that a simple environmental act could lead the way back to recovery.  Kudos to Paul Jones!  Check out the video story about him by clicking the Channel 8 news link below.  And do let us know if you have a story about how recycling came to the rescue in your local community.  We may want to feature it on our blog!


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