An employee of the recycling center at 780 Frederick Street, Wei Ze Wu was hired over a year ago to help facilitate the overwhelming numbers of Chinese people patronizing the center.  He speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Chou Chu and English.  If the recycling center is evicted, he will lose his job and his livelihood.  When asked to describe his hardship to the court he said this:

“I am employed by the HANC  recycling center.  I support my wife that stays at home with our son who is one and a half years old.  Before this job, my family and I received food stamps.  now we no longer receive food stamps.  If I lost this job, I do not believe I could find another job.  I was unemployed for 15 months before finding this job in April 2011.  My highest level of education is a bachelors degree in China and my prior job experience is quality control administration in construction.”


If you don’t know who she is-you should.  Ms. Pak is a well known Chinese Activist in San Francisco.  She was integral in the campaign to elect Mayor Ed Lee as San Francisco’s first Asian mayor and heads the Chinese Chamber of Commerce as well as the committee for the Chinese New Year Parade.  We hope Ms. Pak will hear the pleas from the Chinese community about the impact of closing this recycling center down.  Wei Ze Wu called Rose Pak on Friday afternoon to tell her about the eviction problem.  While she was not there to take his call, he did leave her a detailed message.  Today’s video documents that phone call and magnifies the plea for Rose Pak to use her political saavy to save this recycling center and Wei Ze Wu’s job.

The Sing Tao newspaper also covered this story.  See their article (written in Chinese-mind you) below.

Sing Tao HANC 6-6-12