Check out our new mobile scan code!  You can use your phone to scan this code and find kezargardens on the web.  Look for this code on our new flier that comes out next week.  We will be distributing this around the local hood.  And, if you are out for a stroll, swing past the RED VIC MOVIE HOUSE ticket window.  Kezar Gardens and Red Vic have installed an old television with video programming on most days.  All of our past blog videos run on a loop along with other treats.  Next week, we’ll be adding My Garbage, My Neighborhood to the cue as well.  See and hear from people deeply embedded in the conflict over the Haight Ashbury Recycling Center.  Includes interviews with Ed Dunn, Ted Loewenberg, and three poverty stricken men, James, Joe and Kevin, who recycle regularly at the site.  Stop by for a free view!

June 17th is our next community garden workday.  Stop by 780 Frederick Street from 1-4pm to help out in the garden and share some food!  See you then 🙂