This Wednesday Attorney Robert De Vries will present an appeal on behalf of the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council to stop the eviction of the recycling center, native plant nursery and community garden at 780 Frederick Street.  The city plans to install another more lavish community garden of their own at the site; the first phase of the project would cost San Francisco $250,000.  The only reason the center remains open today is because a judge, the Honorable Judge Woolard, granted a stay of eviction until the appeal was heard in October of 2011.  The reason for the stay was the undue hardship that would be caused to the people who would lose their jobs at 780 Frederick Street.  Since the incoming landlord (San Fran) was not going to lose revenue or jobs by delaying the lavish garden until the appeal was heard, the stay was granted.  Wednesday, the appeal will be heard by three judges in the First District Court of Appeals located at 350 McAllister Street.  The public is welcome to view.  The results of this hearing could mean anything.  It could be as dire as an eviction before the month is out or it could open the door for a trial and a longer (undefined) stay of the eviction until the matter is resolved through the court system.

One of the motivating factors in granting the stay was the set of declarations from the staff, many of whom would not or could not find other jobs, if they lost this one.  This week, we will bring you some of these declarations by the staff and let you hear in their own words how the eviction would impact them.  Wayne Wiley has been working at the site for over three years.  Here is his statement as presented to the court.  You can hear him speak about this in the video below his statement as well.

WAYNE WILEY declares that:

I have been employed by the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council recycling center for approximately three years.  In addition to myself, I support my wife (who is currently out of work).  I have to rent, monthly car payments, and other expenses.  My family is not eligible for any kind of long-term government assistance.

With my income from this job my family can get by.  Without it, we will not be able to.  There are also some things in my past that make it extremely difficult to find a new job.

My highest level of education is two years of college, and my prior job experience is in ethnic art sales.