A DAY’S (or many months’) BOUNTY

It was a darling day as the fog cleared and the sun shone over Kezar Gardens Ecology Center.  A lot of people turned up for the garden meeting and workday.  There were vegan cinnamon cupcakes, roasted sweet potato salad, hot dogs (veggie and not), jicama salad, guacamole, fresh breads, sweet pickles and more at the potluck.  We all shared our thoughts on the future of garden, addressing the needs of the vertical spaces, having a community watering board for people to connect and help each other keep our gardens fed.  There were suggestions about bike racks, nursery stewards and we enjoyed the new pews from the old red vic movie house too!  Many gardeners also took some time to harvest.  There were a lot of kale cuttings, lettuce gathering, we also reaped beets and carrots four months in the making.  The artichoke plant in the back row is totally immense, sporting eight growing artichokes and claiming the title of tallest plant in the garden.  The fava beans are all close behind, lush and reaching for the sky.

All in all it was a terrific day from the inside out.  The rest of the summer season community workdays will be on the third Sundays of the month.  Come join us for the next event!  It’s always a potluck, so bring something to share and enjoy the community spaces at Kezar Gardens Ecology Center.