Last summer the iconic, beloved and sometimes notorious Red Vic Movie House closed its doors and rolled up the red carpet at 1727 Haight Street.   But do not entirely despair,  building owners Jack and Betsey Rix are working furiously to take this space to the next level.  The plan is to remove the single screen movie theater and install a smaller 49 seat digital screening room that can also be used for community events.  The remaining space will be parceled out to small food related start up companies, sort of a food bazaar, with a Vegan Bakery, Cajun Cuisine and food from the country of Georgia.  Part of the lobby will also be given to Alembic, the restaurant next door, to expand their seating area. So, while the single screen will not be jettisoned into the future, the idea of the motion picture will and coupled with interesting new food, should draw a more diverse crowd and help with the bottom line.  In order to start work, they await the planning commission’s approval but have already started getting rid of some cool stuff.


Anyone who has ever been to the Red Vic has had an experience with the wooden pews that served as most of the seating in the theater.  With little room in the new screening area, they mostly have to go.  That’s where we came in!  Instead of retiring the famous hot seats to the dump, we took a few of those pews off the hands of the Red Vic and are arranging them at Kezar Gardens!  Come by this Sunday from 12-4 to help decide where they should go!