It is not unheard of for a recycling fiend to pop the top of every tin can they find and squirrel it away for a grand reward.  Pop-top recycling is actually an urban myth.  At Kezar Eco Center, the recycling department often encounters hopeful patrons with multiple two liters full of pop tops.  The staff always disappoints when they break the news, those tops you popped were just for fun, no CASH value.

So, the pop top joins the ranks of the discarded book, the half used paints, the old party straws and all the other no CASH value things left behind for someone else to find.  Today, we collected some of those items: a flamingo straw top, old acrylic paints, some fine paper, dried poppy petals and a pop-top and made them into a short animation, just for fun, no CASH value.