Last weekend was a big day in San Francisco, not only was it the 101st annual Bay to Breakers race across the city but a full solar eclipse in non-foggy weather too.  We saw the naked people, caught a few random footballs and snapped revelers donating their recyclables to Chinese ladies with push carts in Golden Gate Park and other recyclers collecting up a storm.

The cow over the moon guy was cool too…his jet pack looked like a burrito!

After surviving the treks back and forth across Golden Gate Park amongst the “racers” in full effect, it was time for relaxing fun with cardboard and champagne (champagne not pictured).  From the sidewalks of the Inner Richmond, we created a little recycled projector and documented the phases of the eclipse.  Not really a serious science experiment, rather a bizarre attempt to recall a bygone era when events like these were full of true mystery and a God-like aura.

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