Among the wilds of Kezar Gardens Ecology Center, a community of critters have emerged from behind leaves and under dirt mounds.  These creatures, neither human nor animal nor plant, do have a unique life force all their own.  Once a race of small, pointy hatted, European, bearded men statues, the gnome has evolved into leftover plastic fast food toys, abandoned teddy bears, and a fair share of girls.  Many myths surround these garden dwellers.  Some feel the gnomes are slaves, trappings of the bourgeoisie gardener.  That they long to be freed from the garden watch and set to roam the earth.   The Garden Gnome Liberation Front is no joke, organized to protect gnomes of the world and emancipate them from garden oppression.  has more information on this interesting global issue

Garden gnome folklore also goes the opposite way.  Some people swear these are the protectors of the natural earth, warding off evil wizardry.  That the gnome has found its final home and will defend it to the end.  At Kezar Gardens we found over 50 gnomes inhabiting planter boxes and garden plots appearing strange and familiar all at the same time.  After documenting the lot of them, we queried the humans that were around and came up with a selection of ten to show you today.  Come by Kezar Gardens Ecology Center to see this phenomena for yourself.  Should we set these gnomes free or enjoy the mystical aura they emanate, it depends on what you believe.  Personally, I plan to continue the investigation into garden gnome culture and ask the gnomes themselves to reveal the secrets of their past and their hopes for the future.