On Monday, Kezar Gardens was pleased to host Supervisor Bevan Dufty and Department of the Environment’s Melanie Nutter.  Neither had yet seen the many transformations at our site.  It was a fun visit.  Ed Dunn, Executive Director, gave the specs on the current eviction process and pointed out the many ways in which Kezar works to benefit public health and safety not detract from it.  After a thoughtful conversation and promenade around the gardens, Dufty left proclaiming, “It’s beautiful, I’m Impressed!  You can quote me on that!”


Thanks so much Supervisor Dufty and Director Nutter for taking the time to see Kezar Gardens Ecology Center for yourself!  Enjoy the picture slide show and excerpts of conversation that happened during Monday’s visit below.  Help convince the Mayor to keep Kezar Gardens open and take them up on their offer to build one new community garden per month at no cost to the city of San Francisco!