In August of 2011, the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council sponsored this event.  The community came out to discuss, celebrate and strategically align themselves in support of recycling at Kezar.  Among the many attendees were Senator Tom Ammiano, Sierra Club’s John Rizzo, District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, Senator Leland Yee, and District One Supervisor, Eric Mar.  Mar was honored for his deep understanding of the recycling movement and commitment to empowering communities of color to take part in the environmental revolution.


At Kezar recycling, we hail Supervisor Mar as a hero.  Not only has he levied his political weight to back the community recycling program at Kezar, but he is a user of the center himself.  He is not unfamiliar with the profound impact recycling and giving back can make on a person’s life because it made one on him and his family.  We thank Supervisor Mar for his continued support of this site and its expansion into Native Plant propagation, and a community garden with 50 raised beds.  The Richmond district is home to many Asian families who integrate recycling at community centers into their daily lives.  We are happy Supervisor Mar is lucid to the needs of the community he represents and we look forward to collaborating further in the hopes of connecting grass roots communities of color with the environmental movement.

Enjoy this excerpt from the awards ceremony and hear for yourself what Supervisor Mar has to say about community recyclers like those at Kezar.  You can be a recycling hero too!