TanChanInterview part 1

TanChan Interview part 2


Tan Chan is a regular patron at Kezar Gardens Recycling.  He is Chinese like many of the customers who recycle here.  Today he brought in a huge load, gleaned from Golden Gate Park and the Richmond District of San Francisco.  One of our staff members, Wei, hired for his Chinese language skills (he speaks three different dialects!) helped interview Tan about his recycling habits.  The audio files above have excerpts of that conversation amidst the recycling rush of the morning hour.  Wei asks questions and tries to interpret Tan’s answers for us in English.

Some things he does say is that he is too old to have a job and this is the only way he can save money.  Also, that he was brought here by his daughter, with whom he lives now.  Tan is someone that could be mistaken for a so-called “homeless person” because he pushes a cart but he does have a home and his work helps to support his family.  It is the only job he can get.  Tan is almost blind and his meticulous method of scavenging is impressive and skillful.  While most of the world would not give him a job, we are happy to help support his courageous efforts to remain independent and participate in the economy of his family’s survival.

Also, from the look on his face, it seems to give him a sense of joy, pride and personal honor.  Thanks to Tan for sharing his story with us today.

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