Kezar Gardens Ecology Center has a staff of ten people some of whom were formerly homeless.  Now, they have green jobs, health care, and make a living wage.  With very little turnover and a strong work ethic, the staff is finely tuned and in sync with the patrons of the center.  In addition to doing their jobs helping weigh and sort recyclables, maintain the yard and work on special garden projects, they often just find time to help people out with whatever their problems might be.


As diverse as the DMV, the customers and gardeners at Kezar range from movie stars, to families, to business owners and a large number of elderly Asian women.  Usually shy and humble, many of the older Asian women who recycle at Kezar do so regularly because they feel safe and secure with the staff who serves them there.  A common misconception about recycling at Kezar is that it impedes public health and safety but our video today shows the opposite.


On a recent rainy day, an Asian woman rolled her red cart across the pavement with a lot of difficulty. As she organized her things, removing them from the broken cart, the staff at Kezar did what they do best-helped out.  Take a look for yourself…