Aster Chilensis


A project proposed by Native Plant Nursery Founder, Greg Gaar, in 2010 is now in full bloom outside Kezar Gardens.  The proposal was to collaborate with a variety of city agencies and nonprofits to remove concrete from the triangle at Frederick Street and Arguello Street and replace it with a native plant garden.


Part of the approval process was a community feedback session on the triangle site.  The plans were discussed and moderated by a Parks Trust official and gave an opportunity for neighbors to contribute their feedback to plan.


After several months of tearing up concrete and planting the area,the garden began to fill in.  Now, in bloom, this urban greening project has improved the lives of everyone who encounters it.  Come by this corner and take a walk through the new and improved green triangle!  Native plants for the greening project were donated by Kezar Gardens Ecology Center, a project of the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council.  See our video below on the before and after look of the space.