Amy Franceschini stopped by Kezar Gardens today to pick up some plants for the OCCUPY Gill Tract at UC Berkeley.  Protesters have taken over this swath of unused land and turned it into an educational farm.  Kezar Gardens was happy to donate several native plants to the effort and Amy was happy to deliver them to the newly erected public farm.


Amy is a longtime artist and activist from San Francisco.  Her work is dedicated to the JUST FOOD movement.  She has created a large body of innovative work that seeks to illuminate the fantastic connection between art, nature, and taking a stand for something you believe in.  Famous for her work with the Victory Gardens at City Hall in San Francisco, Amy is a widely known and appreciated artist who continues to share her talents with everyone she encounters. The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council also helped out with the Victory Gardens at City Hall by making the monies available to the project early through their fiscal sponsorship of Garden For the Environment, who administrated and coordinated the effort.  The funding for the gardens ultimately came through SLOW FOOD and was a great success for everyone who participated.




After she delivers the native plants to OCCUPY Gill Tract, she will hold a course on silk screening on site.  This effort will create a collection on posters to trade with an OCCUPY group in Columbia, South America.  We hail all those individuals like Amy, who use their creativity, perseverance and ability to take action in order to support those who need it.  We look forward to seeing the posters that emerge from today’s collaboration and the results on the status of the newly farmed land.  We will keep you posted.  Meanwhile, enjoy this interview with Amy as she collected native plants today at Kezar Gardens.