Less than two years ago. the Plastiki boat was just a dream.  The adventure ecology team, led by Sir David de Rothschild, occupied an abandoned pier on San Francisco’s waterfront to make that dream a reality.  The fantasy was to erect a boat from thousands of plastic bottles and sail it across the ocean past the great gyre and land in Sydney, Australia.  Many months were spent in San Francisco testing and perfecting the unusual vessel, building the dream, bottle by bottle.


There was an arduous process of collecting plastic bottles and scrutinizing them for durability and endurance.  Many bottles did not make the grade.  Kezar Recycling donated over 13,000 bottles to the Plastiki team and hired an additional employee to facilitate the collecting and distribution of the materials to the waterfront pier.  Our video shows you what they did with those bottles and a model of the boat that actually, eventually, did sail across the ocean blue.  It was an amazing effort connecting people across the globe over the common problem of too much plastic in our world today, because plastic never ever goes away.  It was also a sophisticated commentary on the power and resilience of plastic, as it carried a team of people from one end of the earth to the other.  Kudos to the Plastiki team on this accomplishment and much success to all their future projects.  Kezar Recycling is very proud to have participated in this environmental statement and watched some of our little bottles go from a Haight Street trash can to Sydney, Australia making our contribution far far reaching.  Near or far, Kezar Gardens continues to impact the world in a positive, creative and community building way.

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