I met Ananda and Tolula this morning at Kezar Gardens Eco Center.  They drove up in a black mini-suv and began sorting their wares– bottles, cans and plastics.  They didn’t know that Kezar Gardens was under threat of eviction.  They didn’t know about all the hearings and politics behind the story.  Mother and daughter, Ananda and Tolula, only knew this was a nice place, a convenient location to bring back their recycling, serving their needs in a very specific way.


Tolula had a school excursion coming up, an outdoor class, costing $250 per student to attend.  She and her mother got together with other classmates and families to find a way to lower that cost for all the students—through CRV recycling.  They saved and collected bottles, cans and plastic and turned them in for cash at Kezar Gardens.  Their efforts were enough to subsidize each student’s fee by $50.  This made the parents very happy of course and it also really inspired Ananda and Tolula to keep on keepin’ on the recycling front. 


Today, they were doing just that.  Recycling together as a family, enjoying the beautiful day, and discussing what future adventure they could subsidize with the money they made from their bottles and cans.  Sharing these life experiences with our children can have an insurmountable impact onto the next generation.  Seeing that recycling is so much more than a blue bin has deepened the relationship this girl has with her mother and with mother earth.

Thanks to Ananda and Tolula for coming into Kezar Gardens Ecology Center today and sharing their story with us.  For information on how to stop the eviction please visit our page SAVE KEZAR GARDENS! 

Blog and photos by Kezar Gardens Artist-In-Residence, Soumyaa Kapil Behrens