Haight Garden Club has a plot at Kezar Garden Ecology Center and does projects throughout the city in the realm of sustainable urban agriculture. Check out this recent photo blog about a Bamboo Hoop House they built to elongate the amount of heat and sunshine their plants can get.

Haight Garden Club

HGC now has a plot at Kezar Gardens Ecology Center, a new community garden sponsored by and co-located with the HANC Recycling Center and San Francisco Native Plant Nursery.

We will be maintaining one of the fifty new 8′ x 4′ plots.  A big thanks to Building Resources for providing lumber to build the boxes, Recology for compost from SF green bins to fill the box, and to Bayview Green Waste for mulch to top the plots.

To plan our plot, we met during the open space time at the February meeting of the San Francisco Permaculture Guild.  With the spirit of permaculture ethics and ideas in mind, we decided to turn our box into a demonstration food forest.   After discussing the 8 layers of a food forest and considering a plate-to-table approach to species selection we concluded good soil was a must to plant a forest…

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